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Units are people or vehicles that you can move around the map and use to explore, fight your enemies, and perform other tasks for you.

Each unit has four components: class, weapon, armor, and (optionally) special ability. New components can be unlocked as you research technology, and then mixed-and-matched as you choose to create your own unit designs. Once you have created a design, you can construct units using that design.

Class[edit | edit source]

A unit's class primarily determines its movement, but also controls how certain combat modifiers are applied to it and what sort of weapons it can equip. The basic classes available for combat units are:

Class Attributes Power Speed Movement Type Sight Range Cost Maintenance Allowed Weapons
Agent light biological 1 4 land 2 24 1
Trooper light biological 2 2 land 2 8 1 automatic, missile, flamethrower, sniper
ATV light mechanical 2 3 land 3 12 1.5
Tank heavy mechanical 4 2 land 2 16 2
Watercraft heavy mechanical 4 4 water 2 16 2
Aircraft light mechanical 2 6 air 2
Mech heavy mechanical 8 2 land (ignores roads) 2 32 4

All of the above stats are for the Colonization Era. In the Mechanization Era, you can unlock units that are similar, but have twice the combat strength and construction cost; in the Transcendence Era, you can unlock units with four times the combat strength and construction cost.

In addition, there are several special classes of non-combat units, which have no later-era equivalents:

Class Attributes Speed Movement Type Sight Range Cost Maintenance Special
Colonizer 2 land 2 32 Founds cities
Former 2 land 2 16 Alters terrain features
Transport 3 water 2 * * Ferries land units across water

Weapon[edit | edit source]

A unit's weapon provides bonuses to penalties when doing combat against certain types of opponents and/or increases the unit's overall combat strength. Some weapons allow special attacks.

Non-combat units (colonizers, formers, and transports) cannot be equipped with weapons.

Armor[edit | edit source]

A unit's armor increases a unit's overall combat strength, but also causes a proportional increase in its construction cost.

Ability[edit | edit source]

Units can optionally be equipped with a special ability. Abilities provide a variety of different benefits, but most also increase a unit's cost.